Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the Junk is inside my house or business or inside a locked yard, can you still take it?

No, sorry we only do junk pickups in open locations (curb, driveway, open front yard or open back yard) so the pick up can be done at any time during the day on a scheduled day without the customer needing to be present

I have junk spreaded all over, can you still take it?

To be able to offer low prices we need all the junk to be in piles so please keep it close together in one, two or three piles

Can I specify a time of pickup?

No, you can specify the day and we will make sure it is picked up sometime during the day on scheduled date. You don’t need to be present.

I booked a pickup but now have more junk what do I do?

No worries it happens a lot 🙂 Just resubmit the quote form with all the new info and let us know in the notes of the pending booking we will send you a new quote by email for you to approve.

How do I cancel a booked pickup?

You can cancel a booked pickup by telling us in the contact form. Pickups cancelled on the same day of pickup incur a $30 cancellation fee.

Do you take everything?

We can’t take paint, any chemicals and tires. Also we can only pick up small quantities of dirt and concrete due to weight restrictions.

I need help taking heavy stuff outside, can you help me?

Sorry, we are a curb junk pickup service, you may be in need of a full service junk removal company.

Who is going to come pickup my junk?

An independent Junk Hauler affiliated to the CurbJunk booking platform will pick up your junk on the desired date.

How does your pricing work?

We charge by volume based on the list of items

How does the Low Price Guarantee Works?

If you send us a written quote from an established junk removal company in your area specifying the same amount of junk at a lower price than we quoted you we will beat it by 10%

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit or debit cards. Because all our payments are done online after the pickup is done no checks or cash are accepted as forms of payment.

How and when do I pay?

After the pickup is done you will get an email with a link to pay the total amount accepted in your quote. You need to pay the online invoice with any major credit or debit card within 48 hours. Prompt payment is appreciated.